The magic is in the forest

When the 2016 ICCA Congress was held in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak from November 13-16 last year, 834 participants from 60 countries attended.

The economic impact of the congress was significant. Two CSR programmes implemented for the congress benefited the state of Sarawak and left a deep philanthropic footprint.

Sarawak's long-endeared orang-utan was the hero of one of the programmes that helped to raise awareness of this endangered species. The other programme helped effors to nurture the love of reading among children in Sarawak.

The success of the programmes were but two of many tourism benefits that came from hosting the ICCA Congress, and its impact will be researched and documented by a team member of the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) as she explores the various inter-organisation collaborations that led to- and took place during ICCA Congress.

"It is important to examine the intended legacies of this ICCA Congress in order to gain greater understanding of the potential benefits an event can deliver to a host destination, particularly for 2nd tier cities - like Kuching - if leveraging strategies are implemented correctly," said Ms. Manisa Mohamed Nor, when asked about her study. "One key finding will be on how hosting the ICCA Congress in Kuching created new business partnerships, and what these are."

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