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TEDx Singapore garners record-breaking attendance with 33rd conference

A hotbed for ideas, TEDx Singapore will hold its 33rd conference from November 5 to 6, its biggest since 2009. It has grown from 200-600 attendees to its present 1,700 attendance list for this year's event. 

 TEDx Singapore 2015: The Undiscovered Country will present a two-day live simulcast event held at Nanyang Auditorium, NTU. Thirty speakers from a broad spectrum of disciplines such as technology, entertainment, design, history and society/space will take to the stage to talk about this year's theme on discovering ideas, talents and stories from Singapore's past and present. 

Celebrating the diversity and richness of ideas and stories that make a difference in the world, TEDx Singapore speakers this year include Tony Wheeler, co-founder of The Lonely Planet; Thierry Diagana, a malaria researcher; Tan Tin Wee, a supercomputer designer; Chan Chow Wah, an anthropologist, author and film maker; Kuik Shiao-Yin, a social capitalist and champion; Inch Chua, a songwriter-singer; and Gwee Li Sui, a literary critic, graphic artist and poet. Past TEDx Singapore speakers have been from all walks of life, ranging from six-year-old Mirella Ang to 113-year-old Teresa Hsu who shared inspiring stories. 

Event segments of the conference will be progressively uploaded online on TED.com and on Youtube's TEDx video channel. TEDx Singapore's community comprises 70,000 local participants and 30,000 from 115 countries, with a huge following on Facebook and Twitter.  

Tickets to TEDx Singapore 2015: The Undiscovered Country are priced at S$98 per pax.

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