How to Make Impact With a Non-Traditional Meeting Venue

In order to be successful, meetings today must not only be educational, entertaining, and engaging. Above all else, they must also be memorable.

A surefire way to make your meeting memorable is to host it at a non-traditional venue, experiences at which can break the mold in ways that leave lasting impressions on meeting attendees.

And yet, it's not enough to simply book a renegade venue. To make unusual venues effective, meeting professionals must make them relevant by tying them into a clear, business-minded theme.

Consider, for instance, the example set by Meetingmax, a Canadian event housing-technology company that hosts an annual user conference known as the "Unconvention."

"It selects a conference concept and then chooses venues that reinforce it," reports Successful Meetings Senior Editor Andrea Doyle. "In recent years, Unconvention has explored a number of unique themes and locations. They have included 'Diving Deeper,' which included a gathering in an aquarium, taking a local ferry, and eating at a dockside restaurant; and 'Raise the Bar,' which took attendees to a barre fitness class and a revolving restaurant."

By marrying unique venues with resonant themes, meeting planners can achieve maximum impact.

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