How to spice up a boring Q&A

Q&A sessions are the vanilla ice cream of meeting breakouts: Although they're an old favorite, they're also a little bit boring.

To make a staid Q&A a little more exciting, consider asking your A/V supplier for a "throwable mic," suggestsSuccessful Meetings Managing Editor Alex Palmer.

"As the name implies, this wireless microphone (built into a lightweight padded foam case) can be tossed by the presenter to an audience member," Palmer explains. "The Catchbox Pro throwable mic comes equipped with a magnetic locking mechanism that ensures the inner microphone capsule does not pop out when thrown -- and works with professional radio transmitters from top A/V equipment manufacturers such as Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG."

The element of surprise will engage your audience and make a dull Q&A dynamic, according to Julius Solaris, editor of Event Management Blog. "They are incredible ice breakers and give power to the audience," Solaris tells Palmer. "These mics empower attendees and create a fun and interactive environment. Frontal lectures belong to the 1900s. Interactivity means involvement."

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