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How to set the best tone for your incentive trip

Making the right impressions for an incentive trip

If a meeting or incentive starts off on the wrong foot, it can be hard to recover. It's important, therefore, to set a good tone from the start.

The very start, according to Successful Meetings Senior Editor Andrea Doyle, who says more and more incentive planners are taking into account attendees' transportation to the incentive destination. "Airline travel seems to get more and more unpleasant by the day," she says. "Who would have ever thought it would cost $50 to check a second bag, $11 for a meal, $10 for extra legroom? Feeling chilly? A pillow and blanket costs $7. Then there are labyrinthine security lines, interrupted service, and delays, to say nothing of overcrowded planes."

The solution: private charters. "Some incentive planners are abandoning commercial air travel in favor of private charters," Doyle continues. "These charters set a tone that enhances an incentive program. The planner also selects departure and arrival points with the capability of landing at thousands of less-congested airports inaccessible to commercial planes."

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