How to market your business with live streaming video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-made video is easily worth a million. And thanks to services like Facebook Life, you can now broadcast such videos live as they're happening.

"Live video is still in its early stages. People have only recently been tapping into its potential. With the rising popularity of Facebook Live, though, it's easy to see that live video is only going to get bigger," says contributor Rhett Power.

Facebook Live and other tools, like Twitter's Periscope app, make it easy to stream live video from your tablet or smartphone. It's up to you, however, to film content that people actually want to consumer. Ideas include Q&As, interviews, and live events.

"Question and answer sessions are perfect for live video," Power says. "Another great way to use live video is interviews. You could interview customers, employees, or upper management. These are a wonderful way to build relationships and increase engagement … [And] if you are attending or hosting a live event, video is a great way to share it as it's happening."

And remember, "live" doesn't have to mean "unscripted." "Just because you're live doesn't mean you can't be intentional," Power continues. "Create a loose script with some talking points and do a 'rehearsal' before you go live. This helps ensure you don't forget anything you need to cover."