How to impress elite attendees

Impressing elite attendees

Whether you're looking to dazzle a corporate board or astonish a cadre of convention VIPs, there's one place that's sure to leave meeting-attendees' mouths agape, according to Successful Meetings Senior Editor Andrea Doyle: the chef's table at an esteemed restaurant.

"Theater is implicit in the world of celebrity chefs, and that's the primary difference between the traditional chef's table and today's," Doyle says. "A chef's table in this era is not always in the kitchen, but it affords a view of the drama and artistry of a well-regarded restaurant."

A typical chef's table experience is the one offered at New York's Le Cirque.

"Le Cirque's kitchen is under the direction of Massimo Bebber, who did his culinary training in his native Italy and has worked at a trio of well-regarded Italian restaurants in New York: Cipriani, Caravaggio, and Sirio," Doyle reports. "Chef Bebber's seasonal tasting menu is an ideal way for chef's table guests to enjoy a leisurely gastronomic experience mere steps away from the stainless steel prep counters and the professional cooking equipment where wave after wave of classic dishes are meticulously prepared."

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