How to help corporate meeting attendees be more engaged

For corporate meetings to achieve their objectives, their attendees must be engaged, not distracted. Because they typically have large crowds, expansive venues, and busy agendas, that can be hard to achieve in large meetings.

The solution, according to Andy Rosuck, director of sales and marketing for The Reach, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, in Key West: Hold small meetings instead of big ones.

"What's unique or special about small meetings?" Rosuck asks. "Small meetings can focus more on the individual; there's more bonding that takes place between the attendees, which is something planners are always trying to accomplish; and it's much easier to convey a message. Also, there's more opportunity for feedback, and two-way interaction is much easier … At small meetings, you're involved, you're consumed, and you're much more productive as a result."

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