How to give meeting attendees a quick energy boost

"A healthy attendee is a happy attendee," according to Successful Meetings contributor Stephan Meier, general manager of the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center.

With that in mind, Meier recommends incorporating wellness into one's meetings at every opportunity. An easy and effective way to do so, he says, is to spend part of every meeting outside -- weather permitting, of course.

"Never underestimate the power of sunshine," Meier says. "A conference room or event space might be necessary, but taking attendees outside for at least part of the day will pay off dividends. It's all about vitamin D, the so-called 'sunshine vitamin.' A 'D-ficiency' can produce general tiredness and aches and pains -- the kinds of discomforts that can be exacerbated by sitting for long periods of time. An hour in the sun, whether it's in a nearby park, poolside, or at a rooftop restaurant, can radically improve attendees' mental states."

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