How to give customer service on social media

How to give customer service on social media

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great places to market your business to customers. However, they also can be great places to give them customer service, according to Social Media Examiner's Ana Gotter.

"Are your customers using social media?" she asks. "Do you want to provide them with better customer service? Today's tools make it easier than ever for brands to ensure that no customer service issues go unresolved."

To give good customer service on social networks, you'll need a tool like Rignite, according to Gotter.

"Rignite makes it easy to monitor everything happening across your social media accounts. You can sync multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn," she says. "Every time a user interacts with your brand, or your brand interacts with another user, it shows up on your Rignite activity feed. This lets you easily see what people are saying, so you can go line by line and address each interaction directly."

If you have a team of people providing customer service, you can assign specific customer service cases to specific team members.

"Once a team member is notified, he or she will be able to reply to the user directly without ever leaving the interface," Gotter concludes. "This makes it easy to flag customer service problems that need to be resolved, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks."

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