How to create a mindful meeting

These days, it takes a lot more to engage meeting attendees than a fun destination and exciting speakers. Thanks to the public's growing interest in health, it also takes a commitment to wellness. And even better: to mindfulness.

"Mindfulness is awareness -- of your thoughts, feelings, the external world around you -- with no judgment," says Successful Meetings contributor Lee Papa. "Scientific evidence has shown that mindfulness training and meditation literally changes aspects of the brain, and while it has roots in ancient wisdom, mindfulness is as valuable as ever for meetings and gatherings where creativity, sharp thinking, and energy are important."

An easy way to integrate mindfulness into your event, according to Papa, is adding a Mindfulness Lounge to which attendees can escape for guided meditation during breaks.

"Having a facilitator that can weave the wisdom and knowledge of mindfulness into the attendees' personal and professional lives and provide them with an experiential takeaway is the basis for a successful initiative," explains Papa, who says a Wellness Lounge will provide "a rich textured offering that coalesces all other aspects for a successful wellness initiative with more ease, success, and with less effort."

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