Hot idea: Give events a funky edge

Making a firm statement that the new space is not a hotel (hence its name), Notel is perched on the roof of a Melbourne car park and features six vintage Airstream trailers which have been upgraded and fitted with luxurious amenities and facilities. 

Five of the 31-foot trailers offer suites with private decks that open onto a communal area; an iPad Pro loaded with Netflix and virtual concierge; and a complimentary minibar. An additional Airstream trailer offers all the above with an open-air hot tub which overlook the city's famous Flinders Lane. 



More than just unique urban accommodation, Notel offers event space for up to 200 people which includes overnight accommodate for up to 12 guests. As an outdoor venue, Notel is ideally suited to late spring through summer to early autumn but a marquee can be utilised during colder months.

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