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The host showing how to pull a cup of 'teh tarik'.
The host showing how to pull a cup of 'teh tarik'.

Delicious home-cooked meals; a passionate host with interesting tales to share; a communal table in a cozy indoor assemblage or tropical outdoor garden - it's the stuff of great dinner parties, and the heart of what NOSHtrekker provides. 

The company aims to offer travellers an insider access to the heart of a city, by linking them with selected hosts, each with a different cultural adventure and story to tell, in local homes and neighbourhoods.  

"We select hosts who have a story to tell and have particular expertise that is linked to food. They are the kind of people you'd be happy to fall in conversation with, and people who would ask you home for a meal," said Tahnya Butterfield-Gill, co-founder of NOSHTrekker.

Masala Mistress, a South Indian brunch.
Masala Mistress, a South Indian brunch.

"We intend to give people a peak into intimacy of the destination; to provide an inside look into daily life they may never experience anywhere else."

Choose from a smorgasbord of dining experiences such as tasting dishes prepared from a 30-year Peranakan family recipe, eating with your bare hands or enjoying a farm-to-table experience with greens plucked from the host's garden. 

Incentive groups who are keen to find out more about the Indian diaspora and racial integration into food and culture can take part in the 'Masala Mistress' experience, which accommodates six to 16 guests.

During a two-hour brunch, participants engage in a private meal with an experienced Singapore Indian chef who will share more about the evolution of Singaporean Indian cuisine. At the same time, there will be opportunities for participants to try their hand at creating a pickle dish and pulling a cup of traditional 'teh tarik' (literally 'pulled tea'). 

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