Fintech heats up

President of Sibos Sven Bossu Sibos Geneva 2016
President of Sibos Sven Bossu Sibos Geneva 2016

Hot on the heels of another successful Sibos event in Geneva in September, president of Sibos Sven Bossu shares with Meetings & Conventions Asia that they are already working on improvements and enhancements for Sibos 2017, which will take place in Toronto from October 16 to 19.

"As with the financial industry itself, there is no time to stand still. We are passionate about maintaining our position as the world's leading financial services event…Interaction and opportunities are at the core of a successful event, and we look forward to rolling out more fresh ideas next year," says Bossu.



Facing the year ahead, Bossu also stressed that it is crucial as an events planner to deliver informative content and sessions that help delegates to understand the challenges and to address them as a community. 

Bossu shares these tips for managing a successful finance industry event:

1. Content is still king - Make sure you have high quality content and industry-leading speakers. 

2. Listen to your community - If you have held the event before, make sure you ask for feedback. This information is invaluable and will help make your next event even better.

3. Budget - Keep a close eye on budgets!

4. Plan for the unexpected - You should always have a contingency plan to manage the unexpected.

5. Location, Location, Location - The venue you pick should be large enough to host the event, be easy for delegates to get to, and have the infrastructure to deal with large numbers. 

6. Be social - Everyone is on social media. Make sure you have an active presence on the platforms that your audience use. 

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