6 secrets to savvy events planning with loyalty programmes

Loyalty and reward programmes have become commonplace in today's society. But choosing the right one to suit your needs may require more in-depth research into the mechanics of the programme, especially if it entails events planning. 

With a myriad of rewards being offered, it is crucial that planners pick one that offers the right balance of reward points and membership upgrades. Choosing the right programme will allow you to stretch your budget and enhance cost savings with value-add benefits.

Look out for user-friendly tools

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It is often difficult to book venues for groups directly from hotel websites or to even track reward points. Look for a hotel group that has a page dedicated to the M&E industry. This will make it easier for you.

Measure your savings and time spent

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You face constant pressure to bring down the cost of events, so you want to be provided with a cost-savings report that will help you meet your ROIs. Clients are tracking their savings though SMMP (Strategic Meetings Management Program). So do look out for cost savings in the form of "soft dollars" such as free wifi, free parking, late check-out, free upgrades of rooms, free access to hotel lounges, and an hour of free cocktails if they choose to host their dinner at the hotel.

Leverage on a meeting planner point-sharing system

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A programme that understands your needs is ideal as there are companies who may be serviced by a team of planners. So you want to be able to leverage on a system that caters for that. 

Pick one with a points-sharing system for two or more planners, and which allows you to accumulate your rewards points separately and easily. 

With this system, the hotel will allocate reward points according to the percentage of expenditure by each planner. 

Earn big from redemption rewards          

AccorHotel's Arena seats 17,000 and features cutting-edge facilities and technology advancements. It recently reopened in October 2015 after an 18-month renovation. (Photo credit: Accorhotels)

Earn points for your expenditure during your stay in F&B outlets and the spa, and for using pay TV, the telephone and the mini bar. A programme that has a creative rewards catalogue is always more enticing and allows you to cater to customised demands for VIPs. 

The meeting programme operated by Le Club AccorHotels for example, offers a variety of rewards such as vouchers that can be used to settle stays and associated expenses.

If your event is in Paris or if you are just travelling through Paris, Le Club AccorHotels ensures its members have access to premium seats in the Elite Box at the aptly named AccorHotels Arena in Bercy.

The comprehensive list of reward redemption partners such as airlines, car rental companies, hotels, shopping centres, F&B outlets and telecom companies make it an even more attractive programme.    

Get on the fast track that upgrades your status easily          

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A programme is only beneficial if you are able to escalate the level of rewards eligible for redemption according to your expenditure. That means being able to upgrade easily with a points system that is transparent and not burdened by hidden caveats and conditions. Programmes usually offer classic, silver, gold and platinum status. There should also be a convenient online platform that allows you to track your status and points at any time. 

Le Club AccorHotels ensures its members have access to an app to manage their profiles and to check their points balance and status, as well as make bookings.

Keep an eye on the expiration date

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Depending on the frequency of your events, you want to make sure that you sign up for a programme that allows you ample time to redeem points and earn rewards. Le Club AccorHotels dangles an attractive bait with reward points that do not expire.

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