How to Use Your Smartphone to Relax

Usually, you use your smartphone to stay plugged in. When you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or frazzled, however, you can use it to unplug, instead, according to Allison Stadd, a contributor to Adobe's 99U.

"Here's an irony for you: Tech-powered tools that turbocharge your life can also offer a major assist in helping you to unplug and power down," she says. "Luckily, there's a deep pool of digital tools that can ease some of the brain-scrambling damage inflicted by daily life in our always-on world."

One of Stadd's favorite tools is an app called PAUSE. "Built by the makers of the top-selling mobile game Monument Valley, the PAUSE app is based on the graceful, flowing movements of Tai Chi," she explains. "You slowly, steadily move your fingertip across your screen to manipulate a mutating blob of color along a sinuous path. If you get distracted and release your finger from the screen, the effects fade away, calling your attention back to the exercise. As you narrow your focus on this one task, the knots in your perpetually-multitasking mind loosen and your heart rate slows."

Try it. Your overworked brain will thank you.

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