Singapore's farm-to-table programme takes root

Certification scheme launched to recognise hospitality businesses that partner with local farms.

Resorts World Sentosa received the Highest Tier of the Farm-to-Table Recognition Programme.
Resorts World Sentosa received the Highest Tier of the Farm-to-Table Recognition Programme. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Deep Fried Ai

Eleven hotels, restaurants and caterers are among the first businesses to receive the Farm-to-Table (FTT) Recognition Programme, a new certification launched by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to encourage more restaurants and eateries to opt for local vegetables, fish and eggs.

The recipients include Resorts World Sentosa and catering firms Foodtalks Caterer and Manufacture and Kitchen Haus Group. Developed in partnership with the Association of Catering Professionals Singapore (ACAPS), the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA), the FTT Recognition Programme aims to encourage demand for local produce from the hotel, catering and restaurant sector and consumers.

Input from members of the newly-formed Alliance for Action for Local Produce Demand Offtake and Consumer Education, as well as from the Sentosa Carbon Neutral Network, a business alliance of hotels, F&B and attractions driving Sentosa-wide sustainability efforts, were also considered.

The certification scheme consists of a FTT Recognition Programme Logo recognising businesses that adopt sustainable practices by procuring at least 15% of their fresh produce ingredients from local farms which produce hen shell eggs, leafy vegetables, beansprouts or fish. There are three award tiers – Base Tier, Mid Tier and Highest Tier, and businesses that procure more local produce will be given a higher award tier.

Kwee Wei-Lin, president of SHA said: “One of the most dominant travel and lifestyle trends is to live and eat well. The FTT Recognition Programme is a forward-thinking initiative that will appeal to mindful guests in search of healthy yet purposeful dining experiences while its tiered award scheme will incentivise members to practise local sourcing.”

Businesses can use the FTT Recognition Programme logo to brand and market their businesses as being environmentally conscious.