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At MITEC, since the food presentation looks so good, the camera gets to ‘eat’ before the guests.
At MITEC, since the food presentation looks so good, the camera gets to ‘eat’ before the guests.

The perception of conference food is that they tend to be not very good - but that is certainly not the case for the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC), which recently kick-started the year with a brand new list of F&B offerings. 

These days, food not only have to taste good, they have to look good on camera also. Taking cues from that, MITEC has incorporated Instagram-worthy food presentations and culinary displays for shutter-happy visitors. 

"When you look at the age-old perception of F&B in convention centres, it is rather straightforward. There's no second guessing of the food quality, the service provided but at the same time, there are no expectations of being on par with five-star hotels or restaurants. This is where MITEC is different for the fact that we are a new but reputable centre that continues to showcase culinary experiences. This time, we are shifting perceptions of what people expect from meeting spaces," explained the man behind the latest culinary creations at Malaysia's largest trade and exhibition centre, executive chef Chiew Chee Mun.

There are three new food concepts at MITEC: the Flying Lunch Stall, where all cutlery and utensils are disposable and recyclable; Colourful Seasonal Fruits, which consists of healthier, more refreshing coffee breaks; and Dining Dessert Bar, which is presented by the centre's award-winning pastry chef David Auyong. Also on the menu are MITEC's signature giant doughnuts and long baguette sandwiches. 

Of course, there is something for visitors who prefer a more local fare as well. Chef Chiew said that there are local-inspired dishes on the menu also, such as ubi rebus sambal ikan bilis, otak-otak lemang, double-boiled Chinese herbal soup in coconut, etc. 

He concluded, "For MITEC's F&B offerings, our mindsets have shifted by moving away from large-scale pre-packaged food and standard buffet offerings and we are doing things different and fresh, which means individual portioning. We want our guests to have more connection with food and our in-house culinary team is very creative with the menu items themselves...it is all about taking F&B to a new exciting level."

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