China is building the next big convention centre

Launching in early 2025, CNCCII will tout the latest technology, including AR wayfinding systems, IOT and metaverse site inspections.

Artist's impression of how the vast new convention centre promises techno wizardry.
Artist's impression of how the vast new convention centre promises techno wizardry. Photo Credit: CNCCII

An enormous venue which served as the media centre for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is on track to begin its next role as China’s premier international convention centre.

The China National Convention Center Phase 2 (CNCCII) is in the Beijing Olympic Central Precinct, surrounded by various sporting venues that became famous during the games in February

Scheduled to open in early 2025, CNCCII will be packed to the rafters with the latest technology, including AR wayfinding systems, the Internet of Things, and metaverse site inspections.

“Technology will be central to every interaction at CNCCII - from marketing and selling the centre to planning and hosting events to the ultimate visitor experience.” said Rod Kamleshwaran, from GainingEdge, pre-opening consultants of CNCCII.

Delegates stepping into CNCCII’s VIP atrium will be confronted by a giant LED screen 25 metres high and 18 metres wide with 8K resolution – the biggest display of its type in China.

The screen will offer event organisers up to 450sqm of digital space to show messages, agendas, sponsor logos, visual storytelling, and a more immersive experiences for visitors.

An AR Indoor wayfinding system will help delegates find their way in and around CNCCII’s 420,000sqm using their smartphones through ‘dynamic and continuous location guidance’.

Meanwhile a metaverse replica of CNCCII will make site inspections faster and easier, dramatically reducing time and resources spent on-site. This VR technology means the centre can be explored while interacting with the venue’s salespeople.

Planners can simply use their laptop or put on a VR headset and progress from a flatscreen experience to an immersive one, interacting with an environment and the people in it.

The development goal of Beijing’s Olympic Central Precinct is to be a dynamic, vibrant, ecologically friendly center for sports, business events, trade, tourism, cultural exchange, and technological innovation reinforcing Beijing’s position as the international exchange centre in China.

Source: AMI