Here's a new carbon calculator for meeting planners

BCD M&E unveils new ISO-certified calculator to help meeting planners reduce the carbon footprint of their programmes.

BCD M&E's new emissions calculator is said to help clients assess a true picture of their carbon footprint.
BCD M&E's new emissions calculator is said to help clients assess a true picture of their carbon footprint. Photo Credit: GettyImages/invincible_bulldog

Advito and BCD Meetings & Events’ (BCD M&E) new emissions calculator is an ISO-certified calculator designed for meeting planners to reduce the overall environmental impact of their programmes.

The tool was developed in response to their clients’ needs to factor sustainability into their event strategies, and their desire to understand and measure the non-traditional elements contributing to overall emissions.

Advito’s sustainable collaboration practice lead, Julien Etchanchu, led the development of the calculator based on the consultancy’s ISO-certified carbon emissions scale, GATE4.

“We know that the industry standard for measuring emissions across all four travel categories isn’t granular enough to capture the true environmental impact of a meeting or event,” said Etchanchu, “So we developed our M&E calculator to ensure clients are getting a true picture of their footprint. The ISO certification means that the emissions figures can be included in annual financial reporting as recognised carbon calculations, and that the methodologies are accurate, robust, and compliant with internationally recognised GHG measurement and reporting standards.”

The calculator allows meeting planners to input a range of data in the pre-event planning stage to understand the impact of their choices and the levers they can adjust to decrease emissions. It provides a way to drive more conscious decisions when choosing a destination, venue, and other event design elements, but also to consider non-emissions-related impacts like plastic use, water waste and more.

“Sustainability has been the biggest topic in the meetings and events industry for the past year,” said Charlene Rabideau, managing director of North America for BCD M&E. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients the industry’s most robust emissions calculator that considers traditional elements, like the venue, giveaways, and food, but also measures the most important contributor to overall emissions – where attendees are coming from and how they are getting there.

"We want to give meeting planners the tools they need to look at things like economy vs. business class flights for attendees, airport transfer options, and even percentage of vegetarian meals, to help significantly reduce the emissions impact of their programmes.”