5 easy ways to promote your event and leave a lasting impression

Cutting through the clutter of event invitations and virtual fatigue, planners can create more leverage for their events.

Podcasts are great for connecting with attendees and adding a personal touch.
Podcasts are great for connecting with attendees and adding a personal touch. Photo Credit:gettyimages/jacoblund

The events industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, with many organisers pivoting towards virtual or hybrid. As planners look forward to 2022, here are some tips to help promote your events, whether live, online or hybrid.

Think live and virtual

With the appetite for live events returning, many organisers are choosing to host smaller in-person gatherings alongside an online version and your marketing should reflect this too. Create a dedicated landing page for the online event with inviting visuals and an easy and quick way to register. For those coming in-person, you could market the event as a more intimate, exclusive gathering, emphasising details such as the venue or F&B options.

Engage attendees with enticing emails

Email can be one of the most effective ways to market events as you can track a range of data, such as those who opened emails or clicked on links. But your email is likely to be one of many competing for attendees’ attention. Make the subject header short and to the point; is it an invite, a new speaker announcement, or a reminder? Include a quiz, a poll, or a fun fact of the day related to the event, with the content, revealed if recipients click through. And ensure your emails are optimised for different devices, such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops - there’s nothing less appealing than graphics that simply won’t load.

Audio appeal

With people still suffering from Zoom fatigue, consider promoting your event through audio clips or podcasts featuring speakers or influencers discussing key topics related to the event. It’s a great way to attract potential attendees and form an emotional connection with them.

Stay on top of social media

Use social media platforms to not only promote your event but to gain cut through. Think hashtags, teaser videos, posts that tie in with the release of new event content, or an announcement such as a speaker added to the bill. You want to create a buzz and a sense of excitement and anticipation in the run-up to the event so give people enough information to pique their interest.

Don’t stop after the event

Many events now provide content on-demand, where attendees can view recorded sessions, unlock new online content or download presentations, meaning you can market your event long after it has taken place. You can use content from your previous event to drum up interest in your next one and attract new attendees and speakers.

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