How to Spot a Great Keynote Speaker

Selecting a great keynote speaker

You can't have a killer meeting without a killer keynote speaker.

"The success of an event can largely depend on how effective and appropriate the presenter is, so selecting the right person can be a major decision," explains Successful Meetings contributor Mark Velarga, who adds: "Having effective speakers that can keep the audience members on the edge of their seats is vital to the success of the event."

Unfortunately, finding an excellent keynote speaker is easier said than done. To do it, you have to be able to spot the proverbial diamond in the rough.

Although the sparkle can be hard to see, spotting it is infinitely easier if you know what you're looking for. And what you should be looking for, according to Velarga, is a storyteller.

"You cannot expect to make an event or conference successful without winning the hearts of those attending it," Velarga explains. "A great speaker will incorporate a conversational style and make use of engaging stories to connect with the audience. Speakers that provide small anecdotes from their personal experience and connect these to their keynote speech are simply more memorable. When the audience can connect with the speaker based on their own personal experience, there is a high chance the speaker will have the audience's full concentration."

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