How to Market Your Business With a Behind-the-Scenes Video

video behind the scenes

A quick scroll through social media will teach you all you need to know about modern-day marketing. One of the lessons you'll learn: Video is hot, hot, hot.

"Videos can increase the likelihood of an offline purchase by as much as 64 percent, and one study showed that just over half of marketers believe videos have a higher return on investment than any other media," reports Small Business Trends contributor Gail Gardner.

But what kind of video should your business make if it wants to shine? Although there are many choices, Gardner says you should take a stab at making a behind-the-scenes video.

"There's no better way to humanize a brand than by taking viewers behind the scenes (BTS)," she says. "This is where your brand personality can truly shine, offering a glimpse into your world. Use it to show your team's dedication to the craft, and make your viewers interested in learning more."

An easy way to take viewers behind the scenes of your company is to showcase its culture. "If culture is your strong suit, let it shine," Gardner says. "Show your employees during a team-building exercise or work event."

Another idea: Feature your progress. "If your business is going through any changes, like a major office renovation or new product version, update your audience and use videos to take them on the journey with you," Gardner continues.

Progress videos are an especially good idea for meeting planners: Making a video that shows the process of turning an empty venue into a fully populated meeting space is a great way to show potential clients what your team is capable of.

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