How to Better Manage Your Time

Improve your time management

Let's face it: Everyone's busy. To get things done, you sometimes might have to get up early, stay up late, or skip your lunch hour. But if you feel like you're stuck in a constant game of catch-up, you might need to alter more than your immediate schedule; you might need to alter your fundamental approach to time management.

So suggests The Muse contributor Stav Ziv. For people who feel especially encumbered by time deficits, he has a suggestion: Think of time as if it were money.

"Your time and your money are both limited. There are a set number of hours in a day and you have a certain amount of cash in your bank account," Ziv says. "Unfortunately, to state the obvious, neither of these numbers magically multiplies when you're not looking."

If you treated your time more like your money, Ziv says, "you might remember that there's a point when you hit zero -- and while you could theoretically overdraft your bank account or use credit you can't yet pay back (ill-advised as it may be), you can't overdraft on hours in a day, no matter how little you sleep."

You might also learn to "budget." "You might budget fixed time for work, sleep, and other must dos the way you would budget fixed expenses for must pays like rent, mortgage, bills, and loan payments," Ziv explains. "You might budget discretionary time for workouts, errands, family, and social activities, and anything else you can control, the way you'd budget discretionary expenses like food, entertainment, and clothes."

And most importantly, Ziv concludes: "You might find that you're far more productive and far less stressed than you ever were before."

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