How to Be a More Charismatic Leader

As a manager, your ability to lead your employees hinges not only on your knowledge, but also on your charisma, argues Christopher M. Barnes, an assistant professor of management at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business.

"Charismatic leadership [is leadership] in which leaders inspire followers, fostering an impression that the leader and the mission are extraordinary," Barnes writes in the Harvard Business Review. "Charismatic leadership is a powerful skill for any leader who wants to increase the performance of their teams."

If you want to be a more charismatic leader, Barnes says, start by getting enough sleep.

"Research indicates that when leaders show their teams positive emotions, it increases the odds that those individuals will also experience positive emotions, which in turn leads them to attribute charisma to their leader," he explains, adding that there are two ways leaders can display positive emotions: They can either express their positive emotions or they can manage their negative ones. "Both can potentially help a leader be more charismatic. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation undermines both the experience of positive emotion as well as the regulation of emotion. As a result, sleep-deprived leaders are less likely to show positive emotion to their teams, and sleep-deprived team members will be less likely to experience positive emotion."

Simply put, according to Barnes: "Sleep-deprived leaders are less inspiring, and sleep-deprived team members are harder to inspire."

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