For big innovation, think Taiwan

Smart, innovative and green, this Asian destination is at the forefront of cutting-edge business events.

Taiwan, long revered as a global leader in technological innovation, is also a top choice for business events, conferences and exhibitions.

How does a small island of 36,197 square kilometres stand out as a global powerhouse of cutting-edge technology and innovation?

Taiwan’s people—dynamic, hardworking and creative—are committed to bettering themselves and the spirit of innovation with environmental considerations at the forefront.

Their endeavours are supported by a government that is willing to invest in them, in new processes, and in the infrastructure required for its people to continue to innovate and grow.

An exceptional destination to meet, live and work

Home to premier events like Taipei Cycle Show, Taiwan is now driving its flourishing bicycle industry towards sustainability, digitalisation and a resilient supply chain.
Home to premier events like Taipei Cycle Show, Taiwan is now driving its flourishing bicycle industry towards sustainability, digitalisation and a resilient supply chain.

Clean, cosmopolitan and vibrant, Taiwan boasts quality accommodations and has an excellent public transport system that includes a high-speed rail connecting major cities from north to south, making it a highly attractive destination to live, work and travel in for long-term residents and short-term visitors alike.

Results of the IMD World Competitive Rankings 2022 and a market survey of Business Environment Risk Intelligence from InterNations, a global community of expats, affirm that Taiwan's social system and reputation for international competitiveness is safe, democratic and livable, with a vibrant investment environment.

Hotels are amongst the best in the world, complete with the latest technologies and a strong focus on sustainability. More than 1,500 hotels in Taiwan have joined the Eco-Friendly Hotel Program.

Taiwan is centrally located within Asia, making it the perfect place for companies wanting to expand into the Asian market or travel to with its strong flight connections within Asia and around the world.

Taiwan-made manufacturing and entrepreneurial drive

Taiwan’s massive economic and trade activities have transformed the island into a powerhouse and incubator of technology, driven by strong information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, manufacturing prowess and a production resilient economy.

A leading player in the global semiconductor industry, Taiwan produces 65% of the world’s semi-conductors and almost 90% of advanced chips. In 2021 Taiwan manufacturing contributed nearly 33% of its total GDP.

Being innovative is a way of life in Taiwan. Its host of homegrown companies and a highly skilled talent pool keep Taiwan at the tip of cutting-edge innovation and continues to attract global investment in the island.

Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City was launched in Tainan to spur R&D and serve as a demonstration site for renewable energy technology.
Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City was launched in Tainan to spur R&D and serve as a demonstration site for renewable energy technology.

This year, Meta Platforms Inc. launched Asia’s first physical hub for extended reality (XR) research in Taiwan. Facebook’s parent company is seeking to promote immersive technologies of the future in Taiwan as the destination is emerging as a key player in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry.

The XR hub will collaborate with Taiwantrade to establish a platform in which people can digitally engage with each other, so that trade exhibitions will not just be limited to a physical or online event.

Meta Platforms Inc. is not the only global company investing in Taiwan. Qualcomm Inc. has inaugurated a new innovation centre in Kaohsiung as it steps up efforts to foster local start-ups and a 5G technology ecosystem in the city.

The US chip company’s move aligns perfectly with Kaohsiung City Government’s plan to build a semiconductor supply chain within the next five years and continue to grow international collaborations and investment.

At the forefront of innovative meetings and exhibitions

The large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs has helped to develop international shows and exhibitions ranging from manufacturing to lifestyle expos, showcasing everything from homegrown products to gadgets and software.

Thanks to its strength in manufacturing, Taiwan is not only hosting globally important meetings and exhibitions in the sector, it is also developing a pipeline of its own events and attracting greater international investment.

One example is the hugely successful annual SEMICON Taiwan exhibition. Held in September 2022 it attracted 707 international exhibitors, hosted 2,450 booths and had an audience of 45,000. Its mission to lead technology trends, drive technology innovation, and facilitate collaboration is a typical example of Taiwan’s commitment to developing ongoing partnerships globally.

Other events including the Taiwan Innotech Expo, the Taiwan Design Expo, TASS2022 Sustainable Taiwan Expo, and the Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum are putting Taiwan at the forefront of innovative MICE events in all of Asia and helping to attract a strong following of global participants.

And it is already working. At the conclusion of 2022 Energy Taiwan in October, a 25% increase in attendance numbers was recorded.

These exhibitions also push the envelope in Taiwan’s sustainability efforts. Many events are hosted within environmentally sensitive venues that are light on the environment and big on sustainable innovations—think water recycling and retention, LED lighting and waste reduction. 

World-class MICE infrastructure and services


Taiwan's high-efficiency assistance to domestic and foreign MICE players, its latest completion in exhibition venues with leading 5G network applications and mixed reality integration technology, as well as its best practice in sustainable development, prove that the professional standards and adaptability of Taiwan's MICE industry are sufficient to support innovative and successful MICE events.

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