Jakarta on hold

Jakarta Hotels Association: working to promote calm among members

Hotels: expecting subsidies and tax reliefs from the government. Credit: Getty images

JAKARTA - Jakarta Hotels Association (JHA) is evaluating the current situation in Jakarta, and is in consultations with the local and central government to discuss a relief programme for the entire industry.

JHA chairman and GM of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Mr Sjefke Jansen, said: "We are currently facing a dramatic downturn and the business is literally on hold. Occupancy is in the 'one digit' region and we don't foresee and significant positive changes in the near future.

"The overall situation is unparalleled and we are working together on all levels, in order to promote a calm demeanour amongst our members.

"We expect subsidies in form of taxes relaxation, deductions on basic expenses such as electricity and water, as well as other actions that will prevent member hotels from closing down."

The Indonesia Government has suspended its visa exemption policy for all countries for one month and expanded restrictions for people with a history of traveling to some of the countries hit hardest by the coronavirus.

Jakarta has closed all tourism spots starting this week and the government is urging all workers to work from home or to reduce the number of employees working in the office to a minimum.

The Jakarta Police, the Jakarta Military Command and the provincial administrations have started to ensure all obey the new policy. "We need to underline today that the National Police do not allow public gatherings to take place because they can cause the coronavirus to spread further," said National Police spokesperson, Mr M Iqbal.

Not only has public transport become limited, there will also be a limit on the number of passengers in each vehicle and a reduction of operational hours to ensure people only use public transport for urgent matters.

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