Banyan Tree Group to debut SafeSantuary Programme

The SafeSanctuary Seal aims to reassure guests and associates of the Group’s enhanced health and safety measures at all guest touchpoints

Banyan Tree Bintan: rigorous cleaning and distancing protocols will cover over 40 areas of enhanced protocols. Credit: Banyan Tree Group

ASIA - In preparation for the return of travel, Banyan Tree Group has partnered with Bureau Veritasto to develop a proprietary label and set of protocols, to launch the SafeSanctuary Programme, an integrated health and wellbeing programme that incorporates protocols of assurance and wellbeing standards.

This will be rolled out progressively from June 2020 throughout all properties. The SafeSanctuary Seal demonstrates the rigour of Protect, Provide and Prevent, to assure all guests and associates of the Group's enhanced health and safety measures at all guest touchpoints.

This programme has over 40 areas of enhanced protocols, including screening procedures, hygiene stations, and redesigned processes throughout the guest and associate experience.

Protective assurance protocols
Rigorous cleaning and distancing protocols will be applied through the guest and associate journey, focusing on high‐traffic public areas as well as high‐touch areas in‐room with EPA‐approved and recommended cleaning agents.

Appropriate distancing will be encouraged through signage and with ambassadors in public areas such as pools, lobbies, restaurants and other facilities. There will be limited capacity quotas in enclosed areas and for group activities. Guest amenities, linens and bedding are thoroughly steamed and arrive fully protected in‐room, ensuring a pristine and comfortable night of sleep.

Providing for contactless journeys
In‐room directories and restaurant menus will be replaced with digital options for convenient access on personal devices.

Check‐in and check‐out processes and experiences such as personal health and fitness classes, cooking sessions or wellbeing consultations, may be conducted in‐room to enable a vacation prioritising privacy.

Preventing through continuous education and training
All associates are educated continuously on the evolving nature of this health situation, along with guests and surrounding communities. Education and training are fundamental to ongoing success, and the centralised Banyan Tree Management Academy will increase its subject‐specific training standards worldwide.

Hygiene Managers on each property and key personnel will apply audit technology that allows implementation of the new protocols.

Wellbeing now and for the future
The Group is introducing an Organisational Wellbeing index to assess and respond to associates' wellbeing, and a regional Tele‐therapy service to help support emotional and mental health. Self‐care, mindfulness and resilience modules are already available for both associates and guests.

Within the SafeSanctuary programme, additional global standards will focus on deep rest through sleep, activities emphasising the connection to Nature, and culinary offerings with plant‐forward menus and ingredient integrity.

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