How to create immersive event experiences at scale

Blending in-person and digital channels, Intrado Digital Media’s award-winning platform hosted more than 100,000 events and welcomed more than 27 million attendees in 2020.

The business events industry has undergone rapid digital transformation in the past year – ushering in a new era for event planners and attendees. And while we eagerly await the return of in-person events, digital tools are to stay. The benefits of events delivered through multiple channels are impossible to ignore.

The next generation of events will include multiple channels to expand attendee experience in both time and place.

According to Ben Chodor, president of Intrado Digital Media and its award-winning virtual event platform, this ‘always‐on’ delivery model will empower planners with boundless creativity, opportunities for engagement, and ultimately, a stronger return on investment (ROI).

“Events have always presented a powerful opportunity to build an active, thriving community of brand advocates. With digital channels now in play, that power is now amplified across time and space,” he said.

In 2020, Intrado Digital Media hosted more than 100,000 events, welcomed more than 27 million platform attendees, and facilitated more than 45 million booth visits.  

“Today, attendees of business events have quickly adjusted to virtual formats – and their expectations for engagement are higher than ever,” Chodor said. “Organisations are under pressure to take their virtual event strategy to the next level, making the experience more meaningful and engaging for every stakeholder.”

Conferences, for example, can become more frequent, shorter, focused sessions over several months. Sales launches and product demos can be scheduled or accessible after hours, and missed sessions made available as recordings for consumption at another time – giving attendees in any channel a great degree of elasticity in their consumption and engagement.

Intrado Digital Media allows planners to power the next generation of events by converging in-person and digital channels. A suite of end-to-end technology and services can help planners create engaging experiences at scale. This includes:

•    Extending content and accelerating brand identity,
•    Building community through personalised networking and engagement,
•    Driving commerce through the intelligent connection of buyers and sellers in your industry.

Intrado Digital Media’s advanced technology is cost-effective and scalable to 200,000+ visitors, with robust analytics and reporting. Complete video services include on-site capturing, live streaming and all post-production needs.

“An excellent event breaks down barriers standing between your brand and your audience – that’s why choosing the right tech partner is incredibly important,” Chodor added.

Future-focused engagement

Looking ahead, technology will continue to facilitate meaningful interactions and seamless engagement at scale. Chodor cited three examples of how technology will likely impact ‘always-on’ events in the future:

•    Outfitting a tradeshow booth with cameras (or virtual reality devices) for ongoing, two‐way interaction between digital and in‐person attendees and exhibitors – with special hours for live demos and on‐demand content that is available pre‐ and post‐show.

•    Curating a VIP experience for virtual attendees – concerts, behind‐the‐scenes opportunities, or networking events set up to facilitate conversations with the talent, and both digital and in-person attendees.

•    Using AI technology to analyse physical and virtual attendee data from previous conferences to create an ideal event in the future – from optimising the booth layout to speaker recommendations and content planning.

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