PCMA rolls out new Singapore workshop series this June

Industry trends and pain points will be discussed at PCMA Labs.

Florence Chua, managing director PCMA APAC: “The application of AI and more specifically Generative AI in Singapore is still in its nascent stage.”
Florence Chua, managing director PCMA APAC: “The application of AI and more specifically Generative AI in Singapore is still in its nascent stage.” Photo Credit: PCMA

The Professional Conventions Management Association (PCMA) is hosting its first PCMALab series on 8 June at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The PCMA Labs are ideas-generating, peer focused workshops curated for learning, exploring, and discussing trends and pain points for the industry. Attendees at the inaugural event will engage locally with peers and learn broad outcomes from the collective wisdom of the June series’ participants.

Insights from the multi-cities series will be collected, synthesised and shared with participants at the end of the series.

Themed, The Future of Work: Impact of AI on the Workforce, topics will include:

· Statistics of the future workforce;

· Explore developing technologies;

· Discover the impact of AI on the workforce.

Participants will explore how technology has the potential to revolutionise the work place, help with the talent shortage crisis and raise questions about job displacement and re-skilling.

Event organisers, marketers, managers, agency leaders, marketers, association leaders are expected to attend this event.

Speakers include Laurence Liew, director for AI Innovation, AI Singapore. He is driving the adoption of AI by the Singapore ecosystem through the 100 Experiments and the AI Apprenticeship programmes.

Another speaker, Tay Ee Learn is the chief sector skills officer at NTUC LearningHub. His division works with the regulators, unions and industries to provide a comprehensive range of learning services and solutions for the tourism, advanced manufacturing, built environment, and trade & connectivity clusters.

Florence Chua, managing director PCMA APAC, said that during a recent webinar, participants indicated excitement and nervousness as key emotions. She added: “(This is) understandably so; there is much unknown around AI and (with) the explosive adoption of Generative AI, these feelings are natural. (The) overall vibe was positive where the event community is very keen to learn, use cases and applications. There is definitely a desire to learn and explore what this tech can do for us.

“The application of AI and more specifically Generative AI in Singapore is still in its nascent stage. The community is cautiously experimenting what is possible, and we are all trying to understand implications around data privacy and IP rights. A lot of exploration is happening behind the scenes to learn its potential but most companies are very cautious about applying it in external facing work. The outputs of the tech while mind blowing at times, are also inaccurate at times, the quality control and scrutiny is with the user.

“Not many have the time to learn and experiment with prompts, which is important for deriving outputs. This is why we will have hands on guided session so that our participants can level-set on the tech’s capabilities and allow us to collectively have an informed discussion.

“For the upcoming Lab in Singapore, we are focused on setting context around the current state of AI and Generative AI, and their implications on the workforce. Particularly, in the current state when the industry is still suffering from talent pipeline shortage.

The PCMA Labs will apply Chatham House Rule. Under this rule, anyone who comes to a meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made comments.

“Participants are encouraged to think creatively and test ideas with each other, and we have experts in the room who will share their perspectives on considerations, viabilities etc,” said Chua.