Kobe hotel combines MICE packages with hot spring experience

Arima Grand Hotel unveils new convention facilities, fresh upgrades

The Arima Grand Hotel in Kobe has built a new convention hall.

KOBE - The Arima Grand Hotel in Kobe, Japan, has unveiled its new convention hall, meeting rooms, a newly renovated East Wing, and a soothing hot spring that the property promises will provide a new kind of MICE experience.

Nestled in the mountains that loom over Kobe city, the Arima Grand lies in the ancient hot springs town of Arima. With many references in documents and literature dating back to the 8th century, Arima is one of the oldest known hot spring towns in Japan. For over 1,000 years it has been used as healing retreat by emperors, feudal lords, travel worn samurai, Buddhist monks, geisha and regular folk alike.

The resort-styled hotel has recently reopened its newly renovated East Wing and a brand new 637sqm hall complimented by flexible breakout rooms that can be used for meetings, Karaoke parties, lectures and more.

With a large and open lobby space, open kitchen, the new building is both modern and traditional with attention to detail at the forefront of the design.

The resort has a variety of natural hot springs baths.

The resort features a variety of natural hot spring baths and pools, restaurants, large Japanese garden and a beautifully constructed and maintained teahouse with immaculate gardens where delegates can relax, recharge and indulge.

The small quaint town of Arima also offers a glimpse into the charm of old Japan and an escape from the bustling city centre of Kobe, that can be reached via train or bus from Arima in 20 minutes.

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