It’s where you go: 6 ways to set trends with cool event venues

As organizations and groups seek out ways to add something fresh to their meetings and events, unique venues are no longer just about having a different destination or setting - they're about engaging attendees from start to finish. Here are six ways where unique venues in South Korea - proud host of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018 - can turn your event into a trendsetter: 

1. Wow your guests with a photogenic setting

View from a meeting room at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

First impressions matter, and a unique venue will impress from the get-go. In the digital age, event venues with unusual architecture, unparalleled views, or a customized set-up gives you the perfect reason to get guests to take photos and share online as well as offline, generating buzz for your event. 

Take the Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon, for instance: the luxury hotel is South Korea's largest hanok (traditional Korean-style residence). Its majestic tiled-roof banquet hall is a great backdrop for photos, but it actually holds a fully modern ballroom and function room that can host up to 300 and 80 guests respectively.

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2. Contrast the modern with the traditional

A fashion show at Gwangmyeong Cave's Arts Center.

Historical sites, carefully preserved and imbued with modern touches, prove that new possibilities can be found in the most unlikely of places. Gwangmyeong Cave in Gyeonggi province is one such example: this gold-rich industrial site which was mined up to the 1970s was transformed into a cultural arts space in 2013. The complex features underground tunnels and a subterranean Cave Arts Center that can accommodate up to 350 people, and has hosted events such as operas and fashion shows.

Named by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as one of the country's top 100 destinations for 2017-2018, Gwangmyeong Cave also provides laser and 3D light shows for entertainment, as well as a wine cave and restaurant   a rarity in Asia   where guests can indulge in a gourmet tasting session of Korean wines. 

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3. Serve up exclusive local cuisine

Meeting rooms at The Seaes Hotel & Resort open onto lush landscaped gardens.

Globalization has led to the commoditization of foreign products, including food. To make dining a special occasion, think of food that doesn't just tell you where it's from, but also shows guests the local history and customs. In Jeju, which boasts a culture distinct from that of mainland Korea, The Seaes Hotel & Resort lets guests meet over seasonal Jeju cuisine, including fresh seafood and even ingredients from their own garden. 
Two indoor halls and three landscaped gardens overlooking the ocean provide a tranquil setting for meetings and receptions with up to 2,000 guests, just a stone's throw away from the International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju.

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4. Inspire delegates with creative meeting formats

The Bay 101 Yacht Club offers uninterrupted city and ocean views.

After a dozen hour-long sessions spent sitting and listening passively, all meeting rooms or conference spaces start to look the same   and this quickly leads to mental fatigue. Forward-thinking planners realize that knowledge sharing in informal, creative settings can engage and inspire delegates.

Imagine holding seminars and discussions aboard a yacht in the middle of the ocean, followed by a rooftop cocktail event or dinner that treats guests to ocean and city views. That's what you could do at The Bay 101 Yacht Club in Busan: the modern venue offers a variety of environments to meet and mingle, including a reception space for up to 720 guests, standard conference rooms, yachts for charter, and even watersports for team building.

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5. Transport guests to a whole other world

Petite France gives groups an entire themed village to work and play - within Gyeonggi province.

A change of environment reawakens our senses and opens us to new ideas and ways of thinking; for planners, ready-made themed venues like theme parks are especially valuable. However, for smaller groups that may not need large-scale capacity and grandeur, creative and cultural venues strike the perfect balance.

Petite France in Gyeonggi province, for instance, accommodates smaller groups with a variety of meeting spaces for up to 200 guests as well as a restaurant that can seat up to 130 diners. The themed village also features over 20 French cultural attractions and performances, including a memorial hall for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that fans of the author will love.

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6. Complete your event with immersive experiences

Red-carpet events shine at Busan Cinema Center's BIFF Theater.

Delegates increasingly expect an event to do more than take them to different places   they want to connect with each destination's culture. In this regard, the Busan Cinema Center stands out: this official venue of the acclaimed Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) offers over 7,430sqm of indoor and outdoor conference rooms, theatres, and exhibition space for creative events. 

This is one venue where you'll want to be outdoors: specifically, at the 4,000-seat BIFF Theater where you can digitally 'paint' the LED-clad roof with special effects and custom branding. Movie screenings and exhibitions are also frequently held at the Center, so guests can step right into Busan's thriving film and arts scene.

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