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Savvy Planner: Never lose your luggage

Neit might have a point when they say that while our travel experience has evolved over the last decade or two, our luggage hasn't. Claiming to be the world's first smart, collapsible and lightweight piece of luggage, Neit might actually have a game changer on its hands. 

It is, at first glance, a standard four-wheeled hard-shelled suitcase (to be available in both check-in and carry-on sizes). The armadillo shell design is nice to look at, but Neit comes into its own when you have arrived at your destination. The fact that it collapses to just three inches when not in use and has a handle that allows it to be hung in a wardrobe (or slid under a bed) makes it space saving without compromising on volume.  It is made from lightweight, yet durable polycarbonate and the frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminium.

Then there are a few other features too including waterproof zips, a TSA-approved lock and a scale in the handle. 


The biggest innovation however is the built-in GPS system that connects to a travel app so you can see where your bag is at all times. With millions of bags going missing (or being stolen) every year, this could be an actual game changer. (The app, IOS and Android, has a host of other more standard features that allow you to store your boarding pass, book additional flights and hotels, check the status of your flight, map your route from airport to hotel and find out location specific tips on things-to-do at your destination.)

Both checked and carry-on bags are being proposed, and as the Kickstarter campaign, which closes in early March, easily met its goal you might be seeing a Neit bag sooner rather than later. www.neit.life