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Making Magic

Whether it is yoga or boot camp, the same passion and sense of fulfillment from the experience is what drives Selina Chavry, global managing director, Pacific World. It is all about the balance and being in the moment. Despite Selina's fast-paced role in the intoxicating world of meetings and events, finding that balance in life has been her daily motto, with her husband and one-year-old son Ethan occupying prime slots in her schedule.

The other calling in her life - the events world - has been stoking her fire since 2003 when she landed her first job in an international conference and events department in a London organisation. It was the proverbial apple of temptation that has had her hooked ever since. Selina's love for her work eventually led her to Asia in 2012 where she started her fast-track career at Pacific World. "The growth of Asia as a region and the opportunities to interact with a new culture combined with the global scale of Pacific World as a business made this a very exciting career move for me" says Selina.  

During this time, Selina was pivotal in leading transformation and innovation at Pacific World. Tackling her recent new appointment as global managing director with plomp, Selina has made an impact in the organisation in many ways, including clients such as Europe's largest pharmaceutical client. "I've been lucky enough to have an amazing mentor over the past seven year. Herve Joseph Antoine, who was the former Managing Director of Pacific World, has taught me how to be strategic. He has also helped me to become more structured in my approach and how to manage communication in an effective way. These are the skills that I believe have got me to where I am today," shares Selina.

Selina shares her thoughts ideas and experiences with M&C Asia. 

What is your favourite city for business travel? 
Singapore is my favourite city for business travel - from the airport, to the amazing transportation and places to eat. Everything is just easy, which is so nice when you travel a lot.

Where do you usually like to entertain for business? 
China Club is a great place for business entertaining.  It's a members-only club, built on the 52nd floor of Singapore's premium commercial tower, The Capital Tower, located in the Central Business District. 

The Club, which is surrounded by 16-metre-tall glass provides a great business meeting spot with spectacular views across Singapore. On a clear day, Malaysia and Indonesia can be glimpsed.

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay put on a stunning performance.
Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay put on a stunning performance.

 After business is done, where would you recommend for a fun itinerary?

Visiting the private home of a Peranakan family to connect with the rich culture of Singapore is one of my top recommendations. I would also suggest having a drink at one of Singapore's many rooftop bars or visiting Gardens by the Bay at night to see the Super Trees. You won't see anything like this anywhere else in the world.

What kinds of events have stood out for their creativity and originality? 
We have recently built a full-scale circus in Barcelona, which definitely stood out for its creativity and originality. Other memorable events include a dinner event replicating a traditional Balinese village in Bali and a beach party for 5,000 people in Singapore. 

What is the most important takeaway that you would want your clients to remember of an event? 
Every event is unique and as a result, each event will be planned and delivered with its own unique set of objectives. The key to a successful event is ensuring that each of the clients' individual goals and objectives are met. 

What are the trends that you observe in clients' demands for creating memorable events and meetings?
People look for memorable experiences. Whether that be a venue they cannot access on their own or immersing their guests into local culture. Our job is to open these doors and help clients deliver the best events possible. 

What are the challenges and industry disrupters that Pacific World has identified? How do you intend to deal with them?
Safety and security has always been and will remain a key challenge. Incidents can happen anywhere and we are continually working to ensure that our teams are trained on risk management and emergency procedures to ensure that we are equipped to support in the event of any incident.

As we have such a global footprint, we are well placed to divert business from one of our destinations to another at short notice if this is required so to some extent this can safeguard us -  and manage the expectations of our customers. 

What is Pacific World's vision and strategy for the next five years?
Our vision and strategy for the next five years is to continue to evolve as a business and innovate. Destination expansion and capabilities development will be part of our growth story.