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Wellness: Bottoms up

Dehydration is something of an underestimated problem for frequent travellers. Nagging headaches, achy muscles and dry skin can often be avoided by sipping water throughout the day. This of course can be easier said than done when you're running between meetings or rushing to catch your plane.

A great way to ensure you're hitting the recommended two litres a day is to bring along your own water bottle. The durable and stylish Dopper water bottles help you to stay hydrated while reducing impact on the environment by cutting down on single-use plastic waste.

Designed by Rinke van Remortel, the Dopper comes in a range of colours as well as stainless steel water with 2016 seeing the addition of a new colour - "Hello Yellow."  Both the cap and the upper portion of the bottle can be removed for easy drinking and filling, while the upper portion with cap attached can be removed and inverted to form a 'cup.' You can also replace the cap with a sports cap for use in the gym. 

The durable, toxic-free plastic bottles are available in seven colours and tops and bodies can be mixed and matched. The regular bottles hold up to 450 ml of liquid, while the larger steel Dopper holds up to 800 ml. 

Doppers can also be branded and personalised, making them great for welcome bags at meetings or conferences while encouraging zero waste and sustainability as they are carbon neutral.