How to weather rising food and and beverage costs

Thanks to political and economic regime change, transformational technology, and a slew of new hotel openings, 2017 promises to be a rollicking year for meetings and events. The result for meeting planners will be many opportunities, but also many challenges.

Among the challenges will be rising food and beverage prices, according to Successful Meetings contributor Terri Hardin.

"According to the CWT Meetings & Events 2017 Forecast, food and beverage prices are expected to rise due to increased production prices, changes in imports and exports, and other considerations," Hardin reports.

Fortunately, rising prices don't have to derail your meetings budget. According to Hardin, planners can still access good food at good prices -- provided they choose the appropriate food-and-beverage format.

"Planners concerned with controlling F&B might want to consider pre-plating and using 'action stations' where chefs prepare dishes on the spot while explaining the ingredients and cooking process," Hardin suggests. "Besides enhancing the attendee experience, this allows chefs to prepare exactly the right amount."

The result: more flavor, more flare, less waste and lower costs -- all of which will benefit one's meeting.

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