How to stimulate new sales from existing customers

How to stimulate new sales from existing customers

Businesses that spend all their time and resources courting new customers may be missing out on an important but often overlooked opportunity: existing customers.

"Chasing down new leads and hunting for new business is the most obvious way to boost sales. But it's not necessarily the smartest approach for winning more sales," says contributor Marc Wayshak. "Sometimes, the single best way to make more sales is to leverage your relationships with people you've already done business with."

There are many ways to re-activate relationships with existing clients and get them to spend money with you again. One of the most effective, however, is also one of the easiest: note writing.

"Many salespeople rely solely on phone calls and emails to communicate with their customers," Wayshak says. "Instead, drop a relevant article or book in the mail with an accompanying handwritten note. Something as simple as, 'Hey, John, this article made me think of you,' or 'I thought you'd really enjoy this book,' can quickly engage your clients and keep you at the forefront of their minds."

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