How to shake up your team building routine

How to shake up your team building routine

Teambuilding activities have a bad rap among employees, for whom "teambuilding" is often synonymous with "cheesy," "hokey," and "contrived." Meeting planners who want to make a real impact must therefore choose teambuilding activities that are different enough and engaging enough to convert even the biggest teambuilding skeptics.

One such teambuilding activity is an escape room game, wherein groups of four to 12 players are locked together in a room that is intricately decorated with themed furnishings, art, and props. Once the door is locked, teams have 60 minutes to "solve" the room by uncovering clues within their surroundings that lead them, eventually, to a hidden key that physically unlocks the door and sets them free.

"Instead of just having you untie a bunch of ropes or finish an obstacle course, we provide a story that you're actually integrated into. Your job is to complete that story with your coworkers -- beginning, middle, and end -- so you actually feel fulfilled at the end of your experience together," Alex Smith, private event director at room escape company SCRAP Entertainment, tells Successful Meetings.

The result isn't just an activity that employees complete together; it's an experience they share and remember.

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