How to recharge on a business trip

Because it takes you away from your home, family, friends, and hobbies, business travel is typically considered an enemy of work/life balance. If you change your thinking, however, it can actually be considered an enabler of it, instead.

"Sometimes life at home can be as hectic as a day at the office -- from managing kids' school activities, to coaching their sports teams, to social engagements, and DIY projects around the house," says contributor Rob Connors. "While business travel interrupts (and sometimes complicates) your after-hours routine, I've found that it can also offer opportunities to rest, rejuvenate, and return home a better, more refreshed version of yourself."

To turn a business trip from "stress" into "stress relief," consider skipping dinner with colleagues and staying in, instead.

"After a busy round of meetings, spending your evening at the hotel can be a great stress reliever," Connors says. "Many hotels offer a pool and hot tub for guests, along with spa/salon packages and room service. Go ahead and indulge yourself a little. Get a massage. Have your nails done. Get a fresh haircut. Cap off the evening with a relaxing swim and soak in the hot tub."

Or, just watch TV. "Having a night or two at the hotel in sole control of the television remote -- or the streaming service on your laptop or tablet -- is a great way to catch up on your favorite shows without interruptions," Connors concludes. "I like to binge watch great episodic TV like Veep and Homeland when I'm on the road or unwind by listening to my favorite podcasts. After a couple of hotel nights, I'm all caught up and can focus my time back home on family and friends."

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