How to plan a successful executive retreat

Plan a successful executive retreat

Executive retreats are the Rolls Royces of meetings. Because they're designed for senior executives, however, the stakes for planning one are typically high -- just like the budget.

"Planning an executive retreat is always a mixed bag," saysSuccessful Meetings contributor Terri Hardin. "Generally, the budget for these items is healthy enough to ensure a successful program; on the other hand, it's a meeting planned for the boss and senior management, so -- no pressure!"

According to Hardin, a successful meeting for senior management starts at the top.

"Interview the CEO extensively and often while planning the program," she advises. "Anne Thornley-Brown, president of the Toronto-based consulting firm Executive Oasis International, recommends selecting a theme that parallels the company's concerns, then building exercises and activities around that."

The result will be a retreat that's not just posh, but also productive.

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