How to keep up with social media

Keeping up with social media

By now, most businesses understand the value of social media for attracting and engaging customers. Yet, many companies continue to struggle with maintaining an active and successful social media presence.

"Regardless of goal, industry, or level of expertise, the majority of … people … believe social media offers interesting opportunities to connect with people and help them grow their personal brand or business," says The Muse's Alex Honeysett. "Despite all the advice out there [however] they still don't feel like they're any good at it."

One of the biggest challenges businesses face with social media is keeping up with a regular posting routine. Honeysett's solution: Keep a running list of videos, articles, and other content that you love.

"One of the pillars of having engaging social media platforms is sharing content you think the people you're trying to connect with will find interesting, insightful, and thoughtful," she says. "It may sound pretty straightforward, but it can get hard to manage in the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day. The easiest way to post great content (and to post it regularly!) is to keep a running list of the content you come across on a daily basis that you think your audience will enjoy. You can compile this content on whatever platform you use most often: Google Docs, Word, Evernote, Pages. (I have a running Google Doc I call 'Stuff to Share.') Then, whether you decide to create content monthly, weekly, or daily, you have a big meaty document to pull from, rather than trying to come up with content on the spot."

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