How to get more website traffic

Drive higher website traffic with good content

When it comes to websites, "if you build it, they will come" just doesn't cut it. Instead, you've got to build it -- then populate it with really engaging content, such as videos, lists, and articles.

"By generating awesome content and engaging traffic tools to expand your reach, you can boost website traffic while simultaneously establishing yourself as a trustworthy member of the digital community," says content discovery platform Outbrain.

According to Outbrain, the key to more engaging website content -- and, therefore, better website traffic -- is headline writing.

"Think about creating titles for your posts and pages that will be more interesting to readers," it continues. "Check out sites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed -- they are experts at titles that are creative, honest, and engaging without being sensationalist."

An Outbrain analysis of 65,000 paid link titles in 2012 revealed that the best headlines are those that use negative superlatives like "never" or "worst," which received an average click-through rate that was 63 percent higher than headlines with positive superlatives like "always" or "best."

"Think about ways you can implement these best practices to make the content you're sharing more clickable," the company concludes.

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