How to attract better leads through search engines

Everybody uses search engines. Whether they need a cleaning service to clean their home, a doctor to conduct their physical, or a meeting planner to plan their next event, they're the first place that most people turn to find a professional to hire. So, why is it so hard to snag new customers from Google?

"It is very difficult to get a [prospect] from the search engine and immediately convert them into a customer," says Small Business Trends contributor Ronald Dod. "Generally, the average conversion rate on websites is around 2 percent."

If you want to increase your conversion rate from search engine traffic, you don't necessarily need more leads. Instead, you might just need better leads.

To get them, try changing the keywords you're targeting for your search engine marketing efforts, Dod advises.

"One issue that you might be experiencing has to do with the customers that you are targeting," he says. "If you are running AdWords, and you buy short phrases such as 'Pizza Place,' it might be too generic to convert them. However, if you buy 'The Best Mushroom Pizza in (Your City),' then you are going to be more likely to convert."

"Long-tailed" keyword phrases -- keyword phrases that are long and specific instead of short and broad -- might not attract as many leads overall. But in the end, Dod suggests, they'll likely attract more conversions.

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