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How to Prepare for a Company Crisis

Preparing for a crisis

Business may be booming now, but eventually your company will face a crisis. Because sooner or later, every company does.

"You cannot get through life without tripping and skimming your knee at least once, and you will disappoint someone by forgetting something. Equally, a business cannot exist without facing crises now and then," says Beyond PR contributor Victoria Harres. "Mistakes, misunderstandings, accidents, product failures, and employee misconduct are all risks that organizations face regularly."

Such mistakes can't always be avoided. They can, however, be planned for.

"If your business is well prepared and vigilant, you can foresee potential risks and prevent many of them from escalating into major crises. If managed especially well, few outside your crisis response team will even know something happened," continues Harres, who says successful planning begins with making a list of your company's vulnerabilities.

"The only way to be prepared for a crisis, or perhaps avoid one altogether, is to have an understanding of the types of crises you might face," explains Harres, who says you should outline who to contact and what to do in the event of each crisis. "Some general risks to start with include: systems outages (order processing or email), product failure, human error, dissatisfied customer reviews or social posts, employee misconduct, lawsuits, and communications faux pas."