How to Lead Your Employees ... By Shutting Up

shssh finger on the lip

A good leader doesn't merely manage her employees. She develops and improves them. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to do that isn't speaking up; rather, it's shutting up -- especially during meetings.

"As the leader of a company, you may feel compelled to talk the most in meetings. But in my experience coaching business leaders, rarely does entirely dominating meetings lead to success for the longevity of your company," explains Successful Meetings contributor Cameron Herold, who says the best leaders always speak least and last.

"As CEO, one of the things I've found to be extremely useful in helping people grow is my speaking less," Herold continues. "If you raise the skill level of your people, you will raise their confidence. But their confidence will never grow unless they're able to raise a good idea and have others engage with it. When an idea is accepted by the team, then the person who raised it will begin to feel confident to raise more ideas. This is exactly what you and the company needs."

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