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Hot idea: The sky’s the limit

Are you craving to go beyond the typical run-of-the-mill team-building adventure courses and excursions for your next incentive? If so, then Quotient Travelplanner - one of Singapore's leading customised travel agencies - may offer the perfect fit for your company.

Is it a large-scale company incentive trip to a regional destination, a rewards trip for top performers to an exotic destination or a senior management retreat? What about a food truck challenge where attendees would be split into different teams to whip up a dish and market it as food truck entrepreneurs? That's just one of the fun ideas that Quotient's team has for spicing up a company trip.

Photo Credit: Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock.com
Photo Credit: Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock.com

  "In terms of corporate side, we only do incentives - we don't do the boring things. Also, it's our expertise; the incentives match more to our leisure business, so ultimately we focus on the fun stuff," said Lim Hui-Juan, self-named 'travel addict' and cofounder of Quotient Travelplanner.

Quotient focuses on reinforcing each company's brand and message and improves camaraderie between all staff and the senior management in order to increase productivity and draw out the unique potential of each team.

"We can arrange for team-bonding activities and it really depends on what the company has in mind. We like to make it more experiential, for example assembling a Venetian mask in Italy or pasta making in Monte Falco - we can arrange these types of activities for destinations all around the world," said Lim.


Whether it's thematic gala dinners, meeting logistics, providing private transport such as yachts or helicopters, and unique venues for accommodation such as private villas, houseboats chalets and conservation buildings - or even special needs like vegan dietary requirements or making a trip wheelchair friendly, Quotient stands ready. When it comes to customisable activities, "The sky's the limit," said Quotient's team of travel enthusiasts - therefore, let your imagination run wild.

Companies outside Singapore may also contact Quotient to host groups of 10-20 clients or people from other branches for several days' tour around Singapore.