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Hot Idea: Paint the town red in tuk tuks

From setting the stage for Spanish pop group Dvicio's impromptu cover of one of their most famous hits, 'Paraiso', during the band's Bangkok tour last March, to gracing the Miss Universe 2015 stage in the form of Miss Thailand's national costume (she won, by the way), the Thai tuk tuk holds undeniable charm. Such is the allure of the little three-wheeled motor vehicles that even Bangkok itself added on 560 more tuk tuks last December solely to boost the capital's tourist appeal.

Seizing upon their universal allure, Bangkok local tour start-up Expique has opened its own tuk tuk tour services - featuring nothing less than transparent-roofed tuk tuks. With the aim of showing Bangkok's 'ordinary' sights in an 'extraordinary' light, the tuk tuk tours can serve as a corporate team-building activity, or they can be customised for special celebrations.

 Earlier this year, the co-founders of Expique themselves kicked off the year by hosting their own tuk tuk-themed wedding, with the entire wedding parade transported around night-lit Bangkok on a caravan of orchid-draped tuk tuks.

Expique specialises in adapting its tours to suit both business and private events. The company's portfolio also includes corporate tuk tuk rallies for multinational companies including Mercedes, Accor and Eli Lilly. For each event, special decoration for the tuk tuks such as company flags, logos, banners, favourite colours and special messages can be arranged upon request.


So whether it's tuk tuk treasure hunts and Amazing Race-style events or a night whizzing around Bangkok customised to taste with additional food and drink stops and other local activities, this is each company's chance to experience Bangkok's impish little vehicles at their best, and completely free of their worst side - the infamous tuk tuk driver scams.

To customise a tuk tuk tour with Expique in Bangkok, call +66 85 873 3308 or email Expique at [email protected].