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Go vogue in Bangkok

Located on the sixth floor of the MahaNakorn CUBE building, a smaller seven-storey project next to MahaNakorn building - which upon its completion will soon become Thailand's tallest skyscraper - the Vogue Lounge is a 515 sqm space that is club, restaurant and bar rolled into one. 

Fashion-themed still life photographic works greet guests when they enter the hallway to the lounge. Inspired by the renowned David Collins Studio, the brass-and-white-marble art-deco-style dressed in leather trimmings exudes the glamour associated with the magazine. 


 The club-style, restaurant bar dining concept makes it a versatile space for small events where guests can sit and dine or comfortably mingle during networking and galas with an interior seating of 50 and an outdoor veranda which seats up to 68.

Vogue's cuisine is crafted by Michelin award-winning chef Vincent Thierry. Expect a sophisticated tapas-style menu with cocktails by award-winning bartender Hideyuki Saito, whose creations are inspired by his metropolitan travels. Hong Kong DJ Maarten Goetheer heads up the music. 


 Vogue is situated directly adjacent to the Chongnonsi BTS skytrain station on the Silom Line.