Design Meets Functionality

Two new MICE venues were recently unveiled at the Hilton Singapore: a 600 square-metre ball-room and a 280-square-metre pre-event space. The project was headed by FBEYE International who used the hotel's unique facade as inspiration for designing the new spaces. 

Located on the third floor, the new venues offer an elegant setting for meetings and events, both casual and formal. Able to accommodate two separate groups simultaneously, the pre-event space is great for casual gatherings before events or coffee breaks. It features contemporary fur-nishings which are complemented by brightly-coloured floors that give a contemporary but cosy atmosphere, while customisable cabinets allow planners to host open-concept coffee breaks, offer a full bar, or even display merchandise or products. 

The colour scheme in the pre-event space extends to the ballroom which also features two-toned timber walls. However, the ballroom's real draw can be found overhead where four chandeliers made from hand-blown glass rods and crystals light up the elegant space. The ballroom has the capacity to accommodate up to 550 guests and can be reconfigured into three smaller ballrooms.

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