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F&B: More than just good beef at CHAR steakhouse

CHAR steakhouse

Perfectly grilled steak is consistently served up at CHAR, the award-winning steakhouse in Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund.

Its reputation for great steaks is only the start. For the winter season, CHAR Head Chef Willmer Colmenares has put together a menu of fresh, seasonal selections specially designed to complement CHAR's world-class beef.

Fresh wagyu beef is gently smoked before it is thinly sliced and presented with freshly-flaked Parmesan and rocket to accent the ultimate smoked wagyu beef carpaccio. However, it's the black garlic puree that infuses this appetiser with its complex notes of sweetness and umami.

Keeping it fresh, CHAR's all-new lobster and salmon ceviche is marinated in a tangy coconut and lime emulsion, remaining fresh and tender like sushi.

Colmenares's signature dish is smoked octopus salad, which is the highlight this season. The deep smoky note pairs beautifully with creamy, ripe avocado and a sauce made from smoked chillies.

These are just highlights of the menu, dine at CHAR and be seduced by the succulent and juicy beef and complementing dishes.